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Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials for Optimum Hotspots but short of running around with your laptop or tablet to see if you have wifi access how do you find an Optimum Hotspot.

Here is a link to a Hotspot map: Just zoom in to your area and click on the blue rectangle and voila!

Optimum Hotspot




Remember netbooks? Chromebooks are the ultimate netbooks. Of special interest is the latest Samsung Chromebook. At $249 it makes an ideal student and home machine.

The approach of using the chrome browser as the major interface means that it should not require much of a learning curve. Of course, since it runs the their own operating system it is not compatible with Microsoft Windows nor with the Apple operating system. Still, most users, I suspect, are more concerned with getting the job done and the lack of compatibility should not be a problem.

Just after posting this I get word there is a new Acer Chromebook– a little less powerful, a little less battery life, and a little less price at only $199. Damn, soon they’ll pay us.:)